Who is a Virtual Retailer ?

WOGOM is a cloud based platform that intends to unify all the business entities under one to enable them to perform better and grow together. It seeks to provide an ecosystem for everyone who wants to conduct business. It is one of the primary objectives of WOGOM to smoothen the conduct of business. With its Virtual retailer initiative WOGOM seeks to encourage individuals who want to start their own business.

A virtual retailer is anyone with WOGOM platform. WOGOM virtual retailers can be individuals with a zest to become entrepreneurs.Anyone who want to start their own business can become a virtual retailer.

Why Choose Us?

How will they get benefited from WOGOM

You might be wondering "what is in it for me?". Don't worry we are here for you. Commence your business without hassle. Start early and get an early bird advantage. The following are the benefits that you get by signing up with WOGOM:

Use referral for your advantage

Know anyone who needs a product? connect them to WOGOM

Product Catalogue

WOGOM comes with a product mix that is exclusive to WOGOM. This improves your possiblities for increased margins

Grow your network

With WOGOM, now you can connect with more demand fulfilling agents, sellers,and more entities that will allow you to grow your network.

What WOGOM Offers

WOGOM increases the scope of doing business significantly by providing the assistance that they need. It intends to provide a platform for anyone from students to homemakers to daily workers, basically, anyone who wants to earn selling exclusive products.

WOGOM's model inculcates the following points:

  • Sellers get increased customer base for their products
  • Increased availability of money with increased
  • Sellers get added advantage with support so they can sell better, for example, customer service support
  • Achieve breakeven faster
  • Increases efficiency of services with the help of technology
  • Helps in saving costs significantly by outsourcing sales operations
  • Better logistics support with geographical setbacks minimized
  • Total support from recruitment of skilled manpower to knowledge impartment to local sellers.
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