About Wogom

About Wogom

World Goods Marketplace WOGOM is a cloud based platform for local and international business entities to connect together and work in symbiosis for the greater good of smooth conduct of business. WOGOM's purpose is to will allow them to grow and engage in growth supporting activities by providing them the ecosystem they need and connecting them with each other such that they share values and benefits with each other, lifting themselves up in the process. WOGOM unites all, be it, individuals, sellers, buyers, entities, demand fulfilling agents and other business entities using technology as a medium helping them fulfill their business needs and objectives. It is a movement of change in the way businesses will be conducted with the revolutionizing technology on board.


In order to strengthen its foothold in an economy, an organization needs to collaborate with other organizations. When done right, it can open many possibilities for growth. with the advantage of resource sharing. Just like traveling, in a business cycle, individually, But with collaboration, it becomes possible for businesses to work for the benefit of each other in symbiosis filling gaps in each other.


Businesses struggle with varied setbacks that can be due to lack of resources, skilled manpower, monetary power, geographical disadvantages, lack of consumer base, limited product portfolio, economical disadvantages, or any other disadvantage.


Covering vast distances becomes easier with collaboration compared to traveling alone. Just like travelling, for businesses too it is crucial to collaborate which becomes possible due to WOGOM


WOGOM aims to globalize local business entities. Expand globally with WOGOM's top-notch technological support and seamless platform.